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TPPP is currently conducting an evaluation of sex education policies and practices in St. Louis City and County public schools. As part of this process, we are organizing a Youth Review to gather teens’ perspectives on the sex education they have received in those schools. As of now, little publically-available data on teens’ first-hand experiences and opinions of sex education in St. Louis exists. We think that this represents a major gap in our understanding of the current state of sex education in our community. Teens’ perspectives are a vital piece of the picture and should inform the work we are doing to achieve a high standard of in-school sex education for our state. 

We have created this short, confidential, online survey that teens can complete in about five to ten minutes. Feel free to share this survey with the youth your serve who attend a public school in St. Louis City or County! 

Check-back in at our website to see the evaluation results that will be shared later this the spring.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lucy Puckett, the practicum student who is managing this project, or TPPP’s Executive Director, Meg Boyko, directly. 



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