Tips for Talking with Youth

Quick Tips for Parents

A Few Quick Tips:

  • Make it a lifelong conversation (keep it age appropriate and start young, no toddler will role his eyes and sigh when you tell him the proper name for his penis, plus, by having a continual conversation throughout children's lives about these topics, both parents and children feel more comfortable talking with each other)
  • Know your comfort level
  • Share your own sexual values
  • Give your child permission to ask about sex
  • Use age-appropriate language
  • Allow for adequate time to talk about sex—don’t rush it; car rides can be great opportunities for this, the child cannot walk away, and both members are partially distracted by driving, so some of the pressure that can arise during these conversations can be relieved.

Advice, Books & Other Resources

  • This document offers links to various articles about how to talk to children and youth,books about how to talk to your child about sex, and internet sexual health education websites for teens and parents.
  • This document offers advice on talking with children about sexual health (from naming body-parts during infancy through tackling the Big Talks with teens), as well as books for children and websites for children and adults. 

  • This article from St. Louis Children's Hospital offers adive for parents about how to talk to thier teens about sex.

How to Respond to Difficult Questions

Videos to Show Parents How to Talk with Youth

Videos Que Demuestran Cómo Padres Pueden Hablar con Sus Adolescentes