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Let's Talk Virtual Scavenger Hunt

TPPP’s mission is to promote adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention by uniting Missouri through advocacy, collaboration, and public awareness. Just as important, we hold core values including: We support families and communities playing a key role in reducing teen pregnancy and promoting adolescent sexual health.

One of the most important things a parent or trusted adult can do with a young person is engage them in a dialogue about their values and health decisions, but that is not a simple thing! It can seem scary, confusing, overwhelming and embarrassing. Take heart! You are not alone!

Whether you have tried (as a parent/trusted adult or a teen) and not gotten the result you wanted or you are just starting the conversation about sexual health, you can succeed. This scavenger hunt is meant to make it fun and, maybe a little bit competitive, but you may notice that it isn’t even all about sex. By building trust, communicating about relationships, and opening the door to questions, you set the stage for a lifetime of talks and a lifetime of health.

We’ve are excited to provide resources to help you have positive family discussions and we hope you make wonderful memories with these scavenger hunt items. We also hope “the Talk” turns into a living conversation that supports the growth and development of every member of your family!

To choose a scavenger hunt item to try, just click through the gallery of pictures. You will also find a list of all of the scavenger hunt items in the Guide below.

Download the complete Lets Talk Scavenger Hunt Guide

Download the Lets Talk Virtual Scavenger Hunt Checklist