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TPPP thanks everyone for their support of our first “non-event”. We appreciate your participation as donors and online trivia supporters! If you missed it, we hope you will start following TPPP on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TPPPMO) or Twitter (@TPPPMO). You can still browse all the trivia questions posts and answers there. Not sure where we found our relevant and entertaining ideas for trivia questions? Don’t worry, we are also sharing them here with links to the sources where we got our answers!

HISTORY (Twitter Round)In what decade did Johnson & Johnson introduce the first women’s sanitary napkin for menstrual care?

– Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1nZl4r8What year was Our Bodies, Our Selves released?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1rhsX6uWho was the second female justice to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1Q6cgM5Name the sixteen year old girl who became known as the “female Paul Revere” during the Revolutionary War?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1GXppwdIn what city was the first public school system in America to offer sex ed classes located?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1ZIlFc4

STATE OF MISSOURIDoes Missouri have a law instituting MASHE in public schools?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/2406LTiHow many states require that, when provided, sex education must be medically accurate AND is Missouri one of them?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/2406LTiWhat is the percent drop in teen pregnancies in Missouri since 1988?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1W9jb5zWhat percentage of the people served at Missouri Family Health Council, Inc. in 2014/2015 were teens?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1PGkFAkTrue or False: Missouri state law requires STDs and HIV/AIDS education

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1xddadJ

INTERNATIONAL/GLOBALWhat country has the lowest teen pregnancy rate?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1Ec1aePName the teen Pakistani activist for female education who is also the youngest-ever Nobel Prize recipient.

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1knphALTrue or False: Pregnancy and childbirth complications are the fifth cause of death among 15 to 19 year olds globally.

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1mTR1ZOIn which region of the world does adolescent pregnancy account for more than 50% of the pregnancies in the area?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1HGtmZOOut of the following countries, which has the highest teen pregnancy rate: Germany, France, United States, or Netherlands?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1PQfsJWPOP

CULTUREWhat popular health and beauty care company currently has media campaigns focused on girls self esteem and redefining what beauty means to women?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1e4VV5uTrue or False: Super Bowl ads that use sexy images to sell products are highly ranked and well received by viewers

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1mvFzKbWho produced the 1946 health education film The Story of Menstruation?

-Find answer @ http://imdb.to/1o8g2ZuWhich British actress was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014 and currently acts as spokesperson for the United Nations’“He for She” campaign?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/15MZ49lWhat percent of Billboard Top 10 Country, Pop and R&B songs in 2009 had at least one reference to reproduction (including but not limited to genitalia, sex appeal and sexual arousal)?

-Find answer @http://bit.ly/1mvFQgfWhich Kardashian sister is seen on their show using a birth control alarm on her phone to remind herself to take her birth control pill?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/20H9L8eName the Hulu original show that aims to make a hit show that also helps young Latinas make healthy life choices by including information about sex and sexual health into the show’s plot lines.

-Find the answer @http://n.pr/20H9Qso

CONTRACEPTIONWhich state is the first state in the U.S. to allow women to buy birth control pills without a doctor’s prescription?

-Find answer @ http://huff.to/1PpWacYTrue or False: Most countries around the world require a doctor’s prescription for birth control pills

-Find answer @ http://huff.to/1PpWacYWhat percentage of US high schools teach their students how to use a condom correctly?

-Find answer @ http://n.pr/1TVIxFCWhat percentage of high school students who had sex in the last three months did NOT use a condom?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1OMV3qsWhich type of contraception has shown to be the most effective in teens?

-Find answer @ http://http://bit.ly/1SzJvqc

MISCELLANEOUSWhat corporation won the Supreme Court case that ruled that corporations with religious owners cannot be required to pay for insurance coverage of contraception?

-Find answer @http://nyti.ms/1rs8cHjIn what year did women compete for the first time in Olympic field events?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1SFfeIlWhat town did TPPP travel to for Sexual Health 101 in 2014?

-Answer: Independence, MO.Where is Bedsider’s February 2016 “Best. Clinic. Ever.” located?

-Find answer @ http://bit.ly/1R6BfOj

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