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  • We promote the prevention of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections as being in the best interest of adolescents, their families and society.
  • We endorse evidence-based research which confirms that effective sexual health education is abstinence-first, comprehensive, age-appropriate, and medically accurate.
  • We believe those who parent children are and should be the primary source of their values.
  • We support families and communities playing a key role reducing teen pregnancy and promoting adolescent sexual health.
  • We celebrate the diversity of individuals and beliefs in the community and believe the complex issue of adolescent sexual health requires multiple approaches and the use of research- proven curricula and programs.
  • We believe in raising awareness of the causes and consequences of teen pregnancy and providing an atmosphere for professionals and parents to learn about proven and promising interventions.
  • We recognize the impact of social and health disparities on teen pregnancy and adolescent sexual health and support efforts to improve access to services.
  • We believe complete information leads to better choices and outcomes for all.