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The Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Partnership Promotes adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention by uniting Missouri through advocacy, collaboration, training, and public awareness.


The community has the responsibility to provide an environment conducive for teens to make healthy decisions." This is the fundamental, operational value of the Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership.

The vision of TPPP is to bring together all the stakeholders: teens, parents, clergy, educators, employers and policy makers, as well as health and social service providers, to ensure that our community is an environment where teens can make healthy decisions for themselves. TPPP advocates for and supports programs utilizing best practices that are culturally and age appropriate in the areas of:

  • Academic Support
  • Parent and Adult Involvement
  • Teen Health Services
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  • Responsible Media Messages
  • Teen Parent Programs
  • Comprehensive sexuality education--skills to support abstinence-first, medically accurate information including information about biology, public and reproductive health issues, and pregnancy prevention.

This is an ongoing project. No one person or group has all of the answers. The Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership is committed to working toward community solutions.