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Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership's Major Accomplishments include:

  1. Bringing together diverse interests to create a common dialogue. Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership benefits from a diverse membership representing public and private interests,  urban and suburban organizations, and organizations from across the state. Partnership members have put aside factors of competition and different viewpoints about services and service delivery to pursue common goals related to the reduction of teen pregnancy.  The Partnership has grown to reach more than 1500 people in the state of Missouri who work in the field of adolescent sexual health.
  2. Collaboration among service providers. To assist service providers in helping families and individuals navigate through the maze of services and information. Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership has developed an invaluable resource directory of services. Membership meetings and other educational activities have provided outstanding networking opportunities for individuals and organizations committed to reducing teen pregnancy.
  3. Raising the level of training on adolescent sexual health education. Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership's public awareness and education efforts include coordination of an annual conference, quarterly professional development meetings for adults who work in the field of adolescent sexual health, an annual Sexual Health 101 training, and the seven National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES) trainings.