Give STL Day 2017

May is a big month for TPPP as it is Teen Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention Month. This year, we are celebrating significant declines in teen pregnancy across the country and right here in Missouri. In fact, the teen birth rate has dropped 61% in our state since its peak in 1991 and 8% in the past year. This decline means teens and young adults are making healthy choices, but we know they don’t make those choices alone. TPPP and its member organizations are here to support them.

Please help us continue our work to provide the best trainings and resources on adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention here in Missouri by making a donation on Thursday, May 11th during Give STL Day! This is the perfect time to help TPPP celebrate its 20th anniversary.

It is as simple as:

Giving $20 for 20 Years 

Giving $40 for 20 Years + 20 More

Giving $60 for the 60% decline in teen births

Giving $100 in support of 100% medically accurate sexual health information (MASHE) 

You can make an even greater impact by giving to TPPP PLUS one of our organizational members. Help us ensure teen pregnancy prevention is a community-wide effort! If you don't want to forget, you can pre-schedule donations by visiting Give STL today. There are even bonus times where your donation goes further! Check in with TPPP on Facebook for information on those bonus times and reminders throughout the day.