Not Another Trivia Night

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership (TPPP) is hosting its annual virtual event, “NOT another trivia night”, on March 2nd.  This is a unique opportunity for TPPP to raise awareness about adolescent sexual health and raise funds to support the professional development services TPPP provides to educators and other youth serving professionals and TPPP’s advocacy efforts to ensure that teens in Missouri have access to medically accurate sexuality education.

Don’t worry – we are NOT asking you to fill a trivia night table (anticipated cost $150.00) where you’d feel inclined to bid on at least one silent auction item you don’t really need (anticipated cost $75.00) after you were also required to find a babysitter for the evening (anticipated cost $50.00), just so you could play the fun but silly trivia night games - like the 50/50 raffle or “heads or tails” (anticipated cost $10.00), all while saying to yourself “it’s for a great cause”.

Instead, this is your chance to raise awareness about the importance of adolescent sexual health while NOT attending another charitable event (anticipated cost: priceless!) 

If you feel inclined to actually participate in trivia on March 2nd, TPPP will be virtually hosting trivia rounds from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Twitter ( ) Instagram ( & Facebook ( ) using #TPPPTrivia.

All you have to do is:

Ø  Register for the “non-event” and choose the amount that you’d like to donate to TPPP. 

Ø  You will receive a badge that you can post on social media to let all your friends and followers know that you have a virtual seat at this event.  

Ø  On March 2nd, participate in the virtual trivia rounds

Ø  You can win online badges for being the first person to post a correct answer or the person with the most correct answers throughout the evening!

Make your #TPPPTrivia donation today!